March 29th, 2019Author: Kame

Do you want to make sure that visitors, potential customers, will not come out almost immediately after they have accessed a link to your site? Do you think you have hard to find content? Do you want people to spend more time and sailing on your site? Follow the 10 free web tips to improve your site below and you will surely have a much-wanted site for your potential customers.

Essential Options for the Best Details Right Here

Make sure you have a professional logo, well defined and easy to remember. Logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it is located in a visible area on your site. We recommend that you use a good quality and high resolution image, make sure that your logo is present on all pages of the site, that there is a link attached to the logo that links to the first page and whether it allows you to design position it on the top left or central side. From the Studios Official Website this is the best deal.

Builds an intuitive menu

The main menu of the site is usually located at the top, along with the logo and contact information. Most sites use a horizontal menu, visible on the top right, but there is also a choice of a vertical menu, depending on the page design. We recommend that you improve your site by using distinct colors, easily highlighted from the rest of the site. We also recommend that you pass only the important items on your site and the rest of the links to the bottom of the site (footer). 10 Tips to Improve Your Site

Use a responsive design

A responsive website is the site that, without any other settings, can be visually adapted to any device, regardless of its nature (laptop, pc, smartphones, tablet, smartTV) for a better user experience. Most people who have access to the Internet, if they want to find information fast, on the go, will do it directly from their smartphone. To improve your site, it’s a good idea to give them an enhanced browsing experience on your site because that will mean more time spent on the site and higher conversions for your business.

Forget the Flash Player

Thanks to the dispute between Apple and Adobe, the days of the Flash plugin used in the past on most sites are counted. Instead, we recommend improving your site to use HTML5. All modern devices are adapted to work with this type of format. That’s why it’s good to keep in mind, when you want to add new content to your site, to be optimized for new trends.

Choose fonts easy to read

When it comes to this choice, each person has different tastes. It does not matter what font you use for your site, as long as it is clear, concise and as universal as possible. Using a calligraphic or modern font could mean a worsened experience for the end user.

April 22nd, 2019Author: Kame

Before implementing any type of web marketing action, make sure it is consistent with your marketing strategy. How do you say? Have you not yet thought of an online marketing strategy? Then leave operational marketing activities (both online and offline) for a moment and think about studying your marketing strategy. Only then does it return to take care of brisk operations.

The time has come to list the eleven tips for making web marketing that is really effective. More than as suggestions, I wrote them in the form of elements, factors, tools that you need to take care of. This is a real mini Internet marketing guide. For the best website design in singapore this is important.

Organic positioning

A company that wants to be competitive must have a website positioned at the top of Google’s organic results – as well as Yahoo! and Bing – for keywords of primary importance in their sector.

This is often the starting point for an effective web marketing strategy, because through organic positioning you can convey to the site a great deal of qualified web traffic.

How can a good organic positioning be achieved? There are many ways and all must work together. I especially like to focus on SEO optimization and the creation of quality content.

E-mail marketing

In corporate web marketing strategy, e-mail marketing must play a leading role. Because it has low costs, it is perfectly traceable and, if done well, is effectively effective.

But be careful not to confuse e-mail marketing with spam! The quality of the contact must be a primary objective. In order to obtain it, an accurate database profiling and a communication really centered on the needs and communication methods of the target are needed.

Pay per click advertising

When we think of web marketing, it is likely that one of the first things that come to mind is pay per click advertising. We are thinking of Google AdWords and related programs.

Pay per click is an effective tool for promoting corporate products or services. Compared to organic positioning, it is much faster and easier to implement. Regarding the good at web design this is important.

Landing page

E-mail marketing and pay per click advertising are two very effective web marketing tools. But when a potential customer clicks on the call to action of our advertising e-mail or on our AdWords link it must end up on an effective landing page.

It is in fact unacceptable that the link takes it to the home page of the company website or to an internal page. Some time ago, I wrote a post on how to create effective landing pages.

Social network

The marketing actions on social networks, called social selling, are the big news in recent years in the field of web marketing. Nowadays, it is essential that an online marketing campaign also involves the most important social networks or, better said, those in which the customers – potential or already acquired of the company are located.