10 Project Management Tools For B2B Marketers

If you are a young marketing manager or someone who is transitioning into a role where you need to begin delegating tasks, creating structure, building workflows and organising a team of people, it can be overwhelming to keep on top of this.

In your head you will have it all mapped out and figured out. But when the fire and speed of the working day sets into action, it all becomes irrelevant, what you thought you had planned, isn’t.

It is extremely frustrating as tasks and projects become lost and dis-organised. If you are a person who enjoys planning and a solid organizational approach, you will need to start implementing time and tools to help you achieve the needed situation.

1. ProofHub

This is a popular and widely used marketing tool in the B2B world. Brand like Disney, NASA, Netflix and others have been the regular clients of this marketing too. It makes your work pretty easy and facilitates in every possible manner. Workflow and collaboration is simpler with this tool.

2. Clarizen

Project management and marketing can become less hectic if you manage to get a good and ideally working software. Clarizen is what every B2B project manager needs. It allows work management, flow of communication, discussions, task management and collaboration across the board.

3. Asana

If you are looking for a great and effective marketing tool for your B2B business, Asana will be an ideal choice. From features for project management to file storage and collaboration- you have access to many exciting options. With Asana, managing teams becomes much easier. It also allows the users to set calendars, schedules and plan tasks as reminders.

4. Workfront

Like most of the other project management tools, Workfront also provides the users with necessary features for marketing purposes. It makes internal as well as external communication more convenient by offering a wide range of options. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it easy to work with Workfront.

5. Basecamp

No marketing tool can get simpler than Basecamp. It is a lot easy and convenient to use marketing tool for the B2B business marketers. It offers features for communication and project management. With this tool, the users are also provided with a chat board to ensure flow of communication and tasks.

6. Trello

Trello has been around for years and has become one of the most popular and acceptable marketing tools. It offers a wide range of useful features which make project and task management easy. It is the perfect tool for people who work with their teams and want to stay updated with what team members are doing.

7. Slack

A good number of top organizations believe Slack is the ultimate solution to project management. This is a platform where you get everything. Manage tasks, submit assignments, start discussions, make conference calls, talk to individual team members, track work and performance and a lot more.

8. Drift

A lot of people love this tool for different reasons. However, the most important and noticeable feature of Drift is that it allows you to automate the client communication on your websites. You can manage the website in better ways with this tool.

9. Glassbox

Glassbox is a unique and innovative tool which allows a B2B business to understand user experience on their websites. It is also helpful when it comes to project management. But it offers more options for improving the website and attracting more users to the website. With the screen grab option, you will have access to a lot of interesting insights.

10. Whoisvisiting

When it comes to project management, this can be applied to data and lead generation. Whoisvisiting is a software alternative to Lead Forensics and allows you to communicate and manage business leads visiting your website. Categorise the companies based on their criteria and export reports of your website visitors with automation to your needs and use Zapier to bring this information into the applications you need to deliver the best results.

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