What Is A Conversion Funnel And Why It Is Important For My Business?

A lot of world marketing and sale has moved from retail stores to the internet. Cashless selling and buying from the commodity of your own home are now trending. And why wouldn’t it? You don’t have to go out on the harsh weather, spending time and money, and you can do everything by just a few clicks.

Business owners are the first ones who realized the potential of this. That’s why all of the big companies selling stuff that were usually being sold only the retail stores now have giant online stores where they make even more sales than the ones on the streets. See how online trade was changing over time and how big it’s going to be on this link.

However, getting customers on your page is not easy. You need a good strategy, a well-educated staff, and a lot of effort to make people come and spend their money on your products.

What is a conversion funnel?

Some people think that this is very easy and if you tell the clients where to go, they’ll just go and give you their money. It’s not like this, it’s not even close to this.

The conversion funnel is called like this because the action looks just like the tool. A lot of people react to your marketing ad, but only a little will take action. The 4 basic stages of it are awareness, interest, thinking, and buying.

The awareness is when you first pop on the person’s mail, social network feed, etc. They never heard of you or your new product, but now they know it. Interest is the second stage. It is the moment when the person likes what they see and click the link that follows to your landing page.

The thinking stage is when the person is evaluating the product and thinking whether it’s worthy or not. This is a great moment to offer some of your other products in a cast they find something more interesting and don’t lose interest. Finally is the buying stage, when the customer is doing what you needed them to do.

As you can see, a funnel seems like an easy tool, but in reality, it requires a lot of work. Check out this link – https://www.zenruption.com/zentech/8/29/everything-you-need-to-know-about-conversion-funnel-optimization to learn about the details of creating one. You’ll see that this is not something that can be done in one step. You’ll need to work for it.

Why it is important for your business?

You can make the perfect website. It will load in 2 seconds, it will look great, and the purchasing moment will be easier than anywhere else. Yet, you’ll have no sale whatsoever. Why?

Because no one will know it exists. There are approximately 1.5 billion websites on the internet. The people are bombarded with information. The social media news feeds are now looking just like the TV screens of the Monday night football match, more commercials than action. People spend their money on lots of things and if you’re not a part of the marketing business, no one will come to your place and spend their money on your products.

The conversion funnel is just a marketing strategy that is proven to work. People realized that by using it, you’ll make a lot of sales. To do it, you need to hire a good marketing team and make a strategy. Advertise the brand and the company to people who you know will be interested in it.

If you do a good job with this, be sure that the sales can increase by more than 100% as the trend of buying online is getting bigger and bigger every day.


With this article, we hope it’s clearer why you need the conversion funnels and why they are so important for your company. Using this strategy can make a huge difference in the revenue of it.

Sure, you’ll need to invest a little in a good team and learn all about these things, but be sure that it will pay off in the end. The internet is getting bigger daily and very soon everything will move from the streets to the internet.

10 Project Management Tools For B2B Marketers

If you are a young marketing manager or someone who is transitioning into a role where you need to begin delegating tasks, creating structure, building workflows and organising a team of people, it can be overwhelming to keep on top of this.

In your head you will have it all mapped out and figured out. But when the fire and speed of the working day sets into action, it all becomes irrelevant, what you thought you had planned, isn’t.

It is extremely frustrating as tasks and projects become lost and dis-organised. If you are a person who enjoys planning and a solid organizational approach, you will need to start implementing time and tools to help you achieve the needed situation.

1. ProofHub

This is a popular and widely used marketing tool in the B2B world. Brand like Disney, NASA, Netflix and others have been the regular clients of this marketing too. It makes your work pretty easy and facilitates in every possible manner. Workflow and collaboration is simpler with this tool.

2. Clarizen

Project management and marketing can become less hectic if you manage to get a good and ideally working software. Clarizen is what every B2B project manager needs. It allows work management, flow of communication, discussions, task management and collaboration across the board.

3. Asana

If you are looking for a great and effective marketing tool for your B2B business, Asana will be an ideal choice. From features for project management to file storage and collaboration- you have access to many exciting options. With Asana, managing teams becomes much easier. It also allows the users to set calendars, schedules and plan tasks as reminders.

4. Workfront

Like most of the other project management tools, Workfront also provides the users with necessary features for marketing purposes. It makes internal as well as external communication more convenient by offering a wide range of options. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it easy to work with Workfront.

5. Basecamp

No marketing tool can get simpler than Basecamp. It is a lot easy and convenient to use marketing tool for the B2B business marketers. It offers features for communication and project management. With this tool, the users are also provided with a chat board to ensure flow of communication and tasks.

6. Trello

Trello has been around for years and has become one of the most popular and acceptable marketing tools. It offers a wide range of useful features which make project and task management easy. It is the perfect tool for people who work with their teams and want to stay updated with what team members are doing.

7. Slack

A good number of top organizations believe Slack is the ultimate solution to project management. This is a platform where you get everything. Manage tasks, submit assignments, start discussions, make conference calls, talk to individual team members, track work and performance and a lot more.

8. Drift

A lot of people love this tool for different reasons. However, the most important and noticeable feature of Drift is that it allows you to automate the client communication on your websites. You can manage the website in better ways with this tool.

9. Glassbox

Glassbox is a unique and innovative tool which allows a B2B business to understand user experience on their websites. It is also helpful when it comes to project management. But it offers more options for improving the website and attracting more users to the website. With the screen grab option, you will have access to a lot of interesting insights.

10. Whoisvisiting

When it comes to project management, this can be applied to data and lead generation. Whoisvisiting is a software alternative to Lead Forensics and allows you to communicate and manage business leads visiting your website. Categorise the companies based on their criteria and export reports of your website visitors with automation to your needs and use Zapier to bring this information into the applications you need to deliver the best results.

Best Options for the Website Design Option

Before implementing any type of web marketing action, make sure it is consistent with your marketing strategy. How do you say? Have you not yet thought of an online marketing strategy? Then leave operational marketing activities (both online and offline) for a moment and think about studying your marketing strategy. Only then does it return to take care of brisk operations.

The time has come to list the eleven tips for making web marketing that is really effective. More than as suggestions, I wrote them in the form of elements, factors, tools that you need to take care of. This is a real mini Internet marketing guide. For the best website design in singapore this is important.

Organic positioning

A company that wants to be competitive must have a website positioned at the top of Google’s organic results – as well as Yahoo! and Bing – for keywords of primary importance in their sector.

This is often the starting point for an effective web marketing strategy, because through organic positioning you can convey to the site a great deal of qualified web traffic.

How can a good organic positioning be achieved? There are many ways and all must work together. I especially like to focus on SEO optimization and the creation of quality content.

E-mail marketing

In corporate web marketing strategy, e-mail marketing must play a leading role. Because it has low costs, it is perfectly traceable and, if done well, is effectively effective.

But be careful not to confuse e-mail marketing with spam! The quality of the contact must be a primary objective. In order to obtain it, an accurate database profiling and a communication really centered on the needs and communication methods of the target are needed.

Pay per click advertising

When we think of web marketing, it is likely that one of the first things that come to mind is pay per click advertising. We are thinking of Google AdWords and related programs.

Pay per click is an effective tool for promoting corporate products or services. Compared to organic positioning, it is much faster and easier to implement. Regarding the good at web design this is important.

Landing page

E-mail marketing and pay per click advertising are two very effective web marketing tools. But when a potential customer clicks on the call to action of our advertising e-mail or on our AdWords link it must end up on an effective landing page.

It is in fact unacceptable that the link takes it to the home page of the company website or to an internal page. Some time ago, I wrote a post on how to create effective landing pages.

Social network

The marketing actions on social networks, called social selling, are the big news in recent years in the field of web marketing. Nowadays, it is essential that an online marketing campaign also involves the most important social networks or, better said, those in which the customers – potential or already acquired of the company are located.

Your Website Your Details Right Here

Do you want to make sure that visitors, potential customers, will not come out almost immediately after they have accessed a link to your site? Do you think you have hard to find content? Do you want people to spend more time and sailing on your site? Follow the 10 free web tips to improve your site below and you will surely have a much-wanted site for your potential customers.

Essential Options for the Best Details Right Here

Make sure you have a professional logo, well defined and easy to remember. Logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it is located in a visible area on your site. We recommend that you use a good quality and high resolution image, make sure that your logo is present on all pages of the site, that there is a link attached to the logo that links to the first page and whether it allows you to design position it on the top left or central side. From the Studios Official Website this is the best deal.

Builds an intuitive menu

The main menu of the site is usually located at the top, along with the logo and contact information. Most sites use a horizontal menu, visible on the top right, but there is also a choice of a vertical menu, depending on the page design. We recommend that you improve your site by using distinct colors, easily highlighted from the rest of the site. We also recommend that you pass only the important items on your site and the rest of the links to the bottom of the site (footer). 10 Tips to Improve Your Site

Use a responsive design

A responsive website is the site that, without any other settings, can be visually adapted to any device, regardless of its nature (laptop, pc, smartphones, tablet, smartTV) for a better user experience. Most people who have access to the Internet, if they want to find information fast, on the go, will do it directly from their smartphone. To improve your site, it’s a good idea to give them an enhanced browsing experience on your site because that will mean more time spent on the site and higher conversions for your business.

Forget the Flash Player

Thanks to the dispute between Apple and Adobe, the days of the Flash plugin used in the past on most sites are counted. Instead, we recommend improving your site to use HTML5. All modern devices are adapted to work with this type of format. That’s why it’s good to keep in mind, when you want to add new content to your site, to be optimized for new trends.

Choose fonts easy to read

When it comes to this choice, each person has different tastes. It does not matter what font you use for your site, as long as it is clear, concise and as universal as possible. Using a calligraphic or modern font could mean a worsened experience for the end user.

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