What Is A Conversion Funnel And Why It Is Important For My Business?

A lot of world marketing and sale has moved from retail stores to the internet. Cashless selling and buying from the commodity of your own home are now trending. And why wouldn’t it? You don’t have to go out on the harsh weather, spending time and money, and you can do everything by just a few clicks.

Business owners are the first ones who realized the potential of this. That’s why all of the big companies selling stuff that were usually being sold only the retail stores now have giant online stores where they make even more sales than the ones on the streets. See how online trade was changing over time and how big it’s going to be on this link.

However, getting customers on your page is not easy. You need a good strategy, a well-educated staff, and a lot of effort to make people come and spend their money on your products.

What is a conversion funnel?

Some people think that this is very easy and if you tell the clients where to go, they’ll just go and give you their money. It’s not like this, it’s not even close to this.

The conversion funnel is called like this because the action looks just like the tool. A lot of people react to your marketing ad, but only a little will take action. The 4 basic stages of it are awareness, interest, thinking, and buying.

The awareness is when you first pop on the person’s mail, social network feed, etc. They never heard of you or your new product, but now they know it. Interest is the second stage. It is the moment when the person likes what they see and click the link that follows to your landing page.

The thinking stage is when the person is evaluating the product and thinking whether it’s worthy or not. This is a great moment to offer some of your other products in a cast they find something more interesting and don’t lose interest. Finally is the buying stage, when the customer is doing what you needed them to do.

As you can see, a funnel seems like an easy tool, but in reality, it requires a lot of work. Check out this link – https://www.zenruption.com/zentech/8/29/everything-you-need-to-know-about-conversion-funnel-optimization to learn about the details of creating one. You’ll see that this is not something that can be done in one step. You’ll need to work for it.

Why it is important for your business?

You can make the perfect website. It will load in 2 seconds, it will look great, and the purchasing moment will be easier than anywhere else. Yet, you’ll have no sale whatsoever. Why?

Because no one will know it exists. There are approximately 1.5 billion websites on the internet. The people are bombarded with information. The social media news feeds are now looking just like the TV screens of the Monday night football match, more commercials than action. People spend their money on lots of things and if you’re not a part of the marketing business, no one will come to your place and spend their money on your products.

The conversion funnel is just a marketing strategy that is proven to work. People realized that by using it, you’ll make a lot of sales. To do it, you need to hire a good marketing team and make a strategy. Advertise the brand and the company to people who you know will be interested in it.

If you do a good job with this, be sure that the sales can increase by more than 100% as the trend of buying online is getting bigger and bigger every day.


With this article, we hope it’s clearer why you need the conversion funnels and why they are so important for your company. Using this strategy can make a huge difference in the revenue of it.

Sure, you’ll need to invest a little in a good team and learn all about these things, but be sure that it will pay off in the end. The internet is getting bigger daily and very soon everything will move from the streets to the internet.

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